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    • Facebook Marketing October 20, 2010
      A great video on facebook marketing and how it can help you grow your business. http://videos.sitepronews.com/player/vPlayer.swf?f=http://videos.sitepronews.com/player/vConfig_embed.php?vkey=f2729dc32ce8cb5d4973     Advertisements
    • Bare Truth About Social Media September 8, 2010
      I know many people who don’t fully understand Social Media.. This is a quick post. BE LIKE-ABLE. I will buy from you because of one of two reasons; 1) I like you, because you have interacted with me and I will spend money to support you if you have a good product and 2) I Need […]
    • Success comes at a price August 26, 2010
      It all depends on how bad you really want it.   If you want something, you must seek that thing, you must live reaching for that dream, thinking about it every minute, planning it every second, fighting hard to get it.  Dreams are the wonderful gifts life gives us. They are worth your every breath. […]
    • Article Submission Site List August 2, 2010
      Article submission is one of the most critical components of SEO.  A well written article with just the right amount of keywords, not overdoing it, yet perfectly distributed will attract search engine spiders and thus increase your visibility on the web.   I have had this list in my resources for some time so I […]
    • The Social Media Revolution July 23, 2010
      Pretty Cool Video on Social Media and today’s way of socializing, marketing and business.  Social Media is a way of establishing a network of ‘friends or followers’ that have a common ground. You can connect with common-minded individuals across the globe that actually like your product, your business and most importantly, you. Are you representing […] […]
    • The Purpose of a Business Plan July 20, 2010
      Many first time entrepreneurs wonder why do you need a business plan and what types of businesses need a business plan and mainly how to begin the process of writing one. Well first let’s go over what exactly is a business plan.  A business plan is a blue print to the success of your organization. […]
    • Social Media Do’s and Don’ts July 14, 2010
      Wow, did you ever think we would get to a world where someone on the opposite side of the globe can be so easily accessible to the common man. You no longer have to be an executive with private jets to have access to people and in essence strangers all around the world. Social media […]
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    • Why Entrepreneurs Exercise July 8, 2010
      There is only one way you can win this race. You must be up for the challenge.  You must be in both physical and mental health and fitness. To take on life and to take on business ownership you must take the time to exercise every muscle and tool in your body. You must not […]
    • I Vote This: “The Most ‘Ugh’ Mistake in Business” July 7, 2010
      What is the most “ugh” grammar mistake in business today. Non- Working Links.  Mistyping your links into your profiles or improperly copying and pasting them. I have been to the pages of more than I count and have found non-working links.  A truly simple careless mistake.  But something that means so much.  Take the time to […]
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Corrupted Political Warfare

Whatever happened to the time when a candidate for an elected office actually cared for their people? They actually had a dream of a better operating society.  Since elections are coming up, there is not one candidate for Florida governor that looks even remotely qualified.  Why all this corruption?  I just want a candidate that is morally sound and can perform ‘for the people.’  Is that really way too much to ask for?  Are there any decent candidates out there, who do not get easily influenced by others and who refuses to conform to the cornforming ways of ‘politics?’

It seems a corrupted political office will almost always corrupt its incoming leaders.

Someone may not be corrupted, but the moment they go into politics they become corrupted. They learn all the ways they can manipulate the system for their own benefit.   And I’m not saying this about everyone, I’m sure there are a few unspoiled apples out there… or maybe I truly hope there are.

Democratic, Republicans, Independents – What ever happened to For the people?

Does politics remove all sense of morality?

These commercials are ridiculous.  People can no longer win on ethics.  It has now become who can find the biggest dirt on their opponent.

Politics = Corruption

Government = Politics

People  = Government

So why all this mess?  Is there a secret oath taken where they sell their souls to the devil or something?   These commercials make me sick.   Our forfathers would have been disgusted.

I vote these guys…  morally and ethically void.


Dominos Pizza Marketing Joke

Dear Dominos Pizza,

Oh, I want to like you. I never had a real issue with your pizza, but then again I never really bought it regularly.  It’s never been my favorite.  But I have to get this off my chest already. Your new marketing, in my opinion, is detrimental to your brand.

To tell me that your pizzas are better now or that there will be no more pizzas delivered with cheese stuck on the roof of the box tells me this as a consumer:

  • For years, you never cared about me the consumer.
  • For years, you used low quality products
  • For years, you didn’t give a crap about making good pizzas?

But now you do?

Now, you want me to believe you?  I believed you cared before, I just didn’t care for them.  Now you publicly admit that you didn’t care before about using low grade products or making crappy pizza.  You want to admit that you never cared before but I’m suppossed to believe that now you do care about me the consumer?  Why, because your numbers are low?

I absolutely hate every commercial that tells me, you only care about my money, not about giving me a yummy pizza.

What a horrible marketing team, who came up with that?  Was that the best you guys could come up with? How bad you were and how bad you still are?  But you are trying, with your whole heart.  Pizza has been around way too long to not have mastered it yet, you want us Americans and the world to understand that and buy your pizzas now?

Your name is being drug to the mud even more.

Because your ‘new’ Pizzas are not extraordinary. They are just ordinary, the way they should have been for all these years that you failed to provide quality instead of caring about selling me package deals.

Dominos, you need new marketing, that can atleast make you look good and not make you look like you WANT TO BE GOOD… again.. because you weren’t for all these years.  And those are your words.

Find new health in the Ipod Shuffle 4th Gen

Wow! This tiny little shuffle is my new best running mate. Since I received my new one last week it has increased my running performance.

Running has always been fun for me, well more like the result of what running does has always felt good to me. But it’s easy to quit when you don’t have a partner and can literally hear yourself breathing. Not sure how many of you out there actually run but the day I got my shuffle I loaded some songs in there and I couldn’t help but have the urge to go running.

This week I am back up to 4 days per week of running and my legs and my heart feel amazing.

This tiny little shuffle has no weight, it clips right on to my workout top and off I go.  It is so easy for me to click and change the song as I’m running.
This new 4th gen Ipod shuffle is tiny, it’s awesome and it’s getting my butt back into shape.  My old one was too big and bulky and I didn’t want to put uneven weight on my arm with an armband. The new Ipod nano’s look pretty awesome too. This one is just ideal for me and my needs and for $49, I couldn’t go wrong. It’s a great boost and has gotten me back on my running grind. I love it. And I highly recommend this little guy to everyone who needs a pep in their step. It definitely gets you in the mood. 5 stars and 2 thumbs up. Thanks Apple, I feel healthier already!

The Real ‘Fake’ Housewives of NJ

ok, ok… I know this here can be a debate -full for all you fans.  For all you housewives and fans out there I’m going to tell you how I see it.  How this strongminded Jersey girl sees the fools of the housewives of NJ.

One by one.

Teresa Guidice – Ugh… sweety get over yourself. You’re a grown woman with a big mouth. That big mouth obviously got you in trouble.   You’re having marital issues, you think you are all that. You think you are really tough don’t you?  Big bark is all you got sweety. Be a woman and act like a lady. How dare you push Andy Cohen? I hope he sues you for whatever you have left.   A mother of 4 or 5 girls, I’ve lost count already, needs to act like a mother and role model. Don’t be too quick to judge Danielle when you can’t even act mature yourself.   You, sweety, are not any better than Danielle.

Jacqueline Laurita – I kinda like you, you seem sincere. You seem to have a great intelligent husband that can ground you.  Don’t follow in Teresa’s footsteps though.  You’re asking for trouble if you do.  Stay the independent thinker you are.

Danielle Staub– Poor Danielle. I’m not on your side but I’m not against you. I can see the sincerity of needing to feel accepted and not wanting to be judged by your past.   I may not agree with all that you do.  But I forgive you for your past, and after Teresa’s need for attention this season, I kinda like you.   I feel bad for you.  I am not God to judge you like the rest of the world wants to.  I’ll leave that up to him. I do think you need some good quality friends. Everyone seems to be using you for either a punching bag or for camera air time like Kim G.

Kim G – Ugh.. not a housewife.. but a wanna be housewife.

Caroline Manzo – I really like you, I follow you on facebook.  But this reunion show showed me something about you.  This motherly figure everyone wants to portray you as is gone in my eyes.  You are seemingly too wise to be so judgemental of others. You seem to feel like you know everything and you are not willing to grow as an individual.  A woman and mother to me is forgiving and has forgiveness character traits.  Stop rolling your eyes, you are not as perfect as you want everyone to think.  You spend more time being judgemental of Danielle than acting like a strong mother as you should.

Dina– Good move.  Who wants to deal with the drama?

So now Danielle has left the show.  Bravo must have 2 new participants in mind for next season. Because Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa are just way too boring.

iVote these ladies… ‘Ugh’ – Act like REAL ladies.  But maybe this show would be boring without the drama. Anyway, Bravo please bring on an intelligent grounded person like Sonya from NY.

That’s all for now.

Why does TD Bank need Regis and Kelly?

You know, I always used to think that a celebrity sponsorship actually meant something.   If you have a celebrity backing up your product or service means something; It means you must be a good product or service.  Right?

I mean, if a celebrity is sponsoring a product, it makes me want to buy it or be a part of it, or does it?

The way a celebrity represents the company actually means so much to me as a consumer.  If a celebrity actually looks like he’s reading lines from a given script, is not too enthusiastic about the product and if he/she or them feel like “sell outs”  I can always tell. Because it always comes off in their appearance.

The first commercial for TD Banks that made Kelly Ripa actually look like she was reading such a long winded “they are so great speech” made me realize something, she didn’t seem to believe what she was saying, but TD Banks needed her to say it.  They ofcourse paid her to say it. So does that give credibility to TD Banks?

When I worked with a company a while back who happened to hire Joe Montana to represent us at a trade show. Considering the company actually failed to have good practices, made me realize the old truth that money talks to these celebrities and it doesn’t matter whether or not the company is good or not.

Celebrity representation does not actually mean much of anything to me today.

Whether celebrities believe in a product or not, money talks and if the check meets their wants, they will say what you want them to say, when you want them to say it.

Now I don’t shun this to every celebrity sponsorship, I am a big lover of FRS energy drinks and do actually believe Lance Armstrong drinks it because it makes sense for him to.  But I tried FRS because of their offer and after reading they have a multitude of athletes that actually use their product.  Although Lance Armstrong is the main face, they have multiple fans of their healthy energy product.

The crazy thing is now everytime I see a TD BANK commercial with Kelly Ripa, I actually think that bank ‘needs’ a celebrity sponsorship, because they are just not capable of earning their “quality customer service”  reputation without her.

The common people are the proof.  I believe the common person.

The fact of the matter is, money talks and celebrity’s do not always do their due diligence to see whether or not the company they are representing actually is a quality company that they believe in.

Do you actually think Kelly Ripa even has a bank account at TD Bank?  The answer is probably not.

Advertising and Branding has alot to do with who you can pay to represent your product, but quality can often fail.  Do not be fooled to thinking because a celebrity is sponsoring this product or service it actually means something. Today, it means absolutely nothing. Any company can hire an array of celebrities by going through their agents.

So it makes you think.

If you have a TD Bank account and either love or hate them please let me know in a comment below.  I’d rather get the facts from the common person and I would believe you any day of the week before I believe a celebrity.

So ‘I Vote’ TD Bank commercials thumbs down, whoever their ad agency is, needs to be changed, I truly believe they are doing more harm then good, since it all looks so apparently scripted out.

The Future of Shopping…Ahhh!

I absolutely give this a ten thumbs up, well, if I had ten thumbs. I guess we’ll have to settle for 2 or 4 if you count ma’ toes. I really hate trying on clothes. Especially when my son makes it seem like I put him through torture.  I don’t think many woman like shopping with men or boys because of this. It’s something we must do and yet, we have to take our time to make sure our investments make sense, clothes fit right and everything is good.

Ahh, thank you Cisco Technologies for this.  I don’t think it can come out fast enough. Please hurry.. Women want and need this and men and boys have been begging for this.  You get a super 5 star thumbs up for this.

Do FRS Energy Drinks really work?

Have you tried the FRS energy drinks promoted by Lance Armstrong? Have you even heard of them? Their advertising is all over yahoo and various pages on the web. Not that I need a famous face to sell me a product but Lance Armstrong does add tremendous credibility to the product. I think the whole marketing campaign of “Are you tired of being tired?” sold me because I was tired of being tired. Who wants to be tired anyway? Sadly we wake up wishing we could stay in bed all day. We take a shower and get dressed because we have to do it not because we want to do it.

So I ordered it, I mean I only had to pay $6.95 shipping and handling and it wasn’t such a tremendous risk. They didn’t even put me on those automatic bill plans, so I was willing to try it. What could I lose?

At the time I was living in a 3 bedroom, 1500 square foot apartment with my 13 year old boy and my 4 year old pug. Needless to say both of them are messy. Constantly picking up after them was getting me tired. As far as cleaning, I could never do the entire condo at once. It just was way too big for me alone. So I always had a tendency to break up my cleaning workload.

Well, just a few days later, I received my package. It was a typical Saturday. I had dropped my son off at a baseball game and was planning on watching a movie on the couch for a few. I was tired after a long week. Well I opened the box and saw they sent me Peach Mango flavored can, some lime flavored chewables, an orange concentrate bottle and some orange flavored ready to make powder drinks.

So I drank the Peach-mango can because that one was ready to drink and involved me doing nothing more than popping the can open. I feared the carbonated taste that I received from Red Bull. Don’t get me wrong Red Bull gives me energy, but I have to force myself to drink it or get in the mood to drink it.

Oh my goodness, the taste was far beyond what I was expecting. It was good, I mean really good. I mean really, really good. Yum. But then I thought, I’m not really one to spend an average of $2 a can for just a good drink. I’ll settle for the OJ or fruit drinks they sell at my grocery store. Does this stuff really work? Can it help me be more energetic? How long will it take to “kick in?” What was to come next was nothing I would have ever expected.

People laugh at me every time I tell them this story, but it’s so true.

Guys, I went and picked up a shampoo cleaner at the store, which in itself is a mission. And I actually shampooed my rugs. But wait, not just some of my rugs, I did all 1500 square feet of my condo in one day, twice. I even had the energy to clean both my bathrooms top to bottom, 2 loads of laundry and mop my kitchen.

I tried the product because I love things that are good for you. It’s an entire Free Radical System loaded with vitamins and good stuff. It supports your immune system, well I’m all for that, and being backed by Lance Armstrong and many other top rated fitness athletes helped me to believe it.  And there is absolutely no ‘crashing’ feeling.

I would tell you about the Quercetin that in contains, Quercetin is found in fruits and veggies and is a natural antioxidant, but telling you that it’s found in fruits and veggies should tell it all. I love anything healthy. It’s good for you and that’s pretty much the bottom line. An energy drink that fights Free radicals, contains many of the B vitamins and Quercetin, an antioxidant found in fruits and veggies, and only cost me $6.95 to try, well, that should all speak for itself. If you are looking for something new, something real, something that really works. You must try FRS healthy energy drinks. They still offer their Free trials and you can get it at http://www.FRS.com.

There is a science behind their product, a science that absolutely works. If you are looking to change your life, FRS will help. Get out of your slump, get your energy back and start living your life to the fullest. You have these dreams you want to accomplish, these goals. You think about them often, but time goes by and days go by and then years and maybe you’ll get to accomplish them next year. Well, you are the co-creator of your destiny and if you don’t take action today, you’ll miss today. Your competition is going to get there first. Stop letting time go by and stop letting years go by and start taking action now. So if you can’t find the energy in your day, try FRS. Your mind will be sharp, your body will have the energy and you can set out to do all that you know you have to do. Today is going to pass by, and so is tomorrow and before you know it, you’re dead. Life is only what you make of it and starting to get your mind and body back on track can be the best investment of your life and it only starts with $6.95. Do you have $6.95 to invest in yourself and in your future? I think if you want to do what you want in life, you have to make the conscience effort and take the steps to get yourself there. You know what you lack, it’s what most of us lack and the answer is “healthy energy.” Try it, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. http://www.Frs.com

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