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    • Facebook Marketing October 20, 2010
      A great video on facebook marketing and how it can help you grow your business. http://videos.sitepronews.com/player/vPlayer.swf?f=http://videos.sitepronews.com/player/vConfig_embed.php?vkey=f2729dc32ce8cb5d4973     Advertisements
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      I know many people who don’t fully understand Social Media.. This is a quick post. BE LIKE-ABLE. I will buy from you because of one of two reasons; 1) I like you, because you have interacted with me and I will spend money to support you if you have a good product and 2) I Need […]
    • Success comes at a price August 26, 2010
      It all depends on how bad you really want it.   If you want something, you must seek that thing, you must live reaching for that dream, thinking about it every minute, planning it every second, fighting hard to get it.  Dreams are the wonderful gifts life gives us. They are worth your every breath. […]
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      Article submission is one of the most critical components of SEO.  A well written article with just the right amount of keywords, not overdoing it, yet perfectly distributed will attract search engine spiders and thus increase your visibility on the web.   I have had this list in my resources for some time so I […]
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      Pretty Cool Video on Social Media and today’s way of socializing, marketing and business.  Social Media is a way of establishing a network of ‘friends or followers’ that have a common ground. You can connect with common-minded individuals across the globe that actually like your product, your business and most importantly, you. Are you representing […] […]
    • The Purpose of a Business Plan July 20, 2010
      Many first time entrepreneurs wonder why do you need a business plan and what types of businesses need a business plan and mainly how to begin the process of writing one. Well first let’s go over what exactly is a business plan.  A business plan is a blue print to the success of your organization. […]
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      What is the most “ugh” grammar mistake in business today. Non- Working Links.  Mistyping your links into your profiles or improperly copying and pasting them. I have been to the pages of more than I count and have found non-working links.  A truly simple careless mistake.  But something that means so much.  Take the time to […]
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Dominos Pizza Marketing Joke

Dear Dominos Pizza,

Oh, I want to like you. I never had a real issue with your pizza, but then again I never really bought it regularly.  It’s never been my favorite.  But I have to get this off my chest already. Your new marketing, in my opinion, is detrimental to your brand.

To tell me that your pizzas are better now or that there will be no more pizzas delivered with cheese stuck on the roof of the box tells me this as a consumer:

  • For years, you never cared about me the consumer.
  • For years, you used low quality products
  • For years, you didn’t give a crap about making good pizzas?

But now you do?

Now, you want me to believe you?  I believed you cared before, I just didn’t care for them.  Now you publicly admit that you didn’t care before about using low grade products or making crappy pizza.  You want to admit that you never cared before but I’m suppossed to believe that now you do care about me the consumer?  Why, because your numbers are low?

I absolutely hate every commercial that tells me, you only care about my money, not about giving me a yummy pizza.

What a horrible marketing team, who came up with that?  Was that the best you guys could come up with? How bad you were and how bad you still are?  But you are trying, with your whole heart.  Pizza has been around way too long to not have mastered it yet, you want us Americans and the world to understand that and buy your pizzas now?

Your name is being drug to the mud even more.

Because your ‘new’ Pizzas are not extraordinary. They are just ordinary, the way they should have been for all these years that you failed to provide quality instead of caring about selling me package deals.

Dominos, you need new marketing, that can atleast make you look good and not make you look like you WANT TO BE GOOD… again.. because you weren’t for all these years.  And those are your words.


5 Responses

  1. I see a deeper issue here…We are still buying their product although we KNOW now it was not their A game. But its inexpensive, and now they made what was already expected for something inexpensive into something a little better than what they had and kept the price low as well…..and some of us are still buying it…..what does that say about our expectation for businesses to offer good quality products, not just large quantity of low grade product!! Thats MY issue >:0

    • Exactly, I hate Dominos, when it’s Pizza night at my house, which is not so often, I like a good old fashion pizza pie. Like the ones from up North, and down here in Florida.. there are many New York style pizza joints.

      The truth of the matter is these 5-5-5 deals end up costing $18-$21 with tax and tip anyway… I would much rather spend $24 on a normal large pie with some wings. Especially since we don’t do it too often.. and the wings are pretty yummy 🙂

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by jminkler, Whats New World. Whats New World said: Dominos Pizza Marketing Joke: http://wp.me/p12Oar-1v […]

  3. Sorry, I know everybody is going to hate me now, but as Italian I gave up pizza in North America! Well I wouldn’t make sense anyway, it would be like going to Italy and having French fries!

    • I don’t hate you..Thanks for that comment.. and I want some of your real Italian Pizza or your recommendations. 🙂 Although Pizza is more like an every 2 or 3 month thing for me and my son. But I just hate those Dominos commercials.

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