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The Real ‘Fake’ Housewives of NJ

ok, ok… I know this here can be a debate -full for all you fans.  For all you housewives and fans out there I’m going to tell you how I see it.  How this strongminded Jersey girl sees the fools of the housewives of NJ.

One by one.

Teresa Guidice – Ugh… sweety get over yourself. You’re a grown woman with a big mouth. That big mouth obviously got you in trouble.   You’re having marital issues, you think you are all that. You think you are really tough don’t you?  Big bark is all you got sweety. Be a woman and act like a lady. How dare you push Andy Cohen? I hope he sues you for whatever you have left.   A mother of 4 or 5 girls, I’ve lost count already, needs to act like a mother and role model. Don’t be too quick to judge Danielle when you can’t even act mature yourself.   You, sweety, are not any better than Danielle.

Jacqueline Laurita – I kinda like you, you seem sincere. You seem to have a great intelligent husband that can ground you.  Don’t follow in Teresa’s footsteps though.  You’re asking for trouble if you do.  Stay the independent thinker you are.

Danielle Staub– Poor Danielle. I’m not on your side but I’m not against you. I can see the sincerity of needing to feel accepted and not wanting to be judged by your past.   I may not agree with all that you do.  But I forgive you for your past, and after Teresa’s need for attention this season, I kinda like you.   I feel bad for you.  I am not God to judge you like the rest of the world wants to.  I’ll leave that up to him. I do think you need some good quality friends. Everyone seems to be using you for either a punching bag or for camera air time like Kim G.

Kim G – Ugh.. not a housewife.. but a wanna be housewife.

Caroline Manzo – I really like you, I follow you on facebook.  But this reunion show showed me something about you.  This motherly figure everyone wants to portray you as is gone in my eyes.  You are seemingly too wise to be so judgemental of others. You seem to feel like you know everything and you are not willing to grow as an individual.  A woman and mother to me is forgiving and has forgiveness character traits.  Stop rolling your eyes, you are not as perfect as you want everyone to think.  You spend more time being judgemental of Danielle than acting like a strong mother as you should.

Dina– Good move.  Who wants to deal with the drama?

So now Danielle has left the show.  Bravo must have 2 new participants in mind for next season. Because Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresa are just way too boring.

iVote these ladies… ‘Ugh’ – Act like REAL ladies.  But maybe this show would be boring without the drama. Anyway, Bravo please bring on an intelligent grounded person like Sonya from NY.

That’s all for now.


8 Responses

  1. I dont really watch this show because I have issues with women like that acting a fool! But on the other hand I can see how it helps women who are great wives vindicate themselves after seeing these women! I will be willing to catch one show to see how right you are in your analysis. Now I just have to figure out when the show comes up!

  2. Don’t agree with you Sandra. Danielle wants everyone to feel sorry for her & obviously it’s working. Can’t wait for the 3rd season.

  3. I’m not saying Danielle is nice in this post.. for all of you who might have taken it that way.. I am saying that if she had positive influences in her life she could be a better human being. You see how she always asks the advice of her friends, daughters etc.. I think she needs someone to explain to her why she is out of control…

    I’m not ‘Pro’ Danielle.. I know she does some screwy things and thinks illogical..

    • oh and by the way.. that was such a fake hug from Jacqueline… just so Danielle can drop the charges… Jacqueline’s daughter is irresponsible and needs to learn not to lay her hands on anyone…

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